Al di là del fiume

Al di là del Fiume ( Beyond the River) … There is a farm that believes in passion among people which believes in the
power of the land, which believes that between the cosmos and the roots there is a harmony. Al di là del fiume… there are
people who are getting up every morning with the dream of a better future and who have abandoned what they had to invest
time and energy on the land that we borrowed from our children.
Gabriele loves the land that saw him be born and where his roots found home, the land that was worked by his father and his grandfather, the land where he wants to be buried.
Danila loves people, the normal ones and the least (those that many sure would avoid), loves the wealth that can give you a hug, a smile, a helping hand, love relationships and the energy that comes when you look out … Together they decided to change their life and try to create a biodynamic multifunctional farm including a productive, teaching, leisure, artistic and therapeutic activities to guarantee the well-being of the human and of the environment as well.
Today they believe in the dream that want to see culture and agriculture intertwine and affect the one with the other, but what remains is the faces and eyes of those who worked with love to this project because the fertility and welfare of man can finally live together…al di là del fiume.

From this energy come three new biodynamic wines, an Albana, Barbera made in amphora and a fermented in steel tanks that belong to our valleys and that were restored after they were processed and brought up by our grandparents. Attention in the countryside is to have healthy and vital, ripe grapes. In the cellar we must simply try not to spoil this miracle: we don’t use yeast nor sulphur dioxide in wine making, we don’t use any preservatives or additives during processing.
The labels there were donated by three young artists in Bologna and became copyright labels, wine names are in bolognese dialect because just starting out from our roots we will find the strength to fly away.